BestReviewsList 2000$ Scholarship Program (Annually)

BestReviewsList searches for the best home goods, gadgets, outdoor tools, computer and electronics appliances, and more to add to its collection of largest, most informative, and most researched products reviews you will find anywhere.  But, every year, we also search for the few best student applicants to be rewarded with our Internet and Technology Scholarship amounting to $2000.

If you are a student who can research and write well, plus passionate about winning, you have a good chance to bag our scholarship prize amounting to $2000. Read on and take some notes!

 Scholarship Oct 2019 : Apply Now

Deadline and reviewing process

The deadline for submitting the application is  Oct 10, 2019.

Our scholarship program coordinators will review each submission carefully, after which they will select and notify the winner by e-mail by Oct 30, 2019.

Once the winner is confirmed, the scholarship funds will be transferred directly to winner’s Paypal account within 10 calendar days.

Articles submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

You can elaborate on the following ideas:

You can choose topic yourself considering our site in your mind. We work on product reviews so you can also write down on such latest topics.


Best Headlight Bulbs

Best Car Batteries

Best Chainsaw Sharpeners


Eligibility and Creativity

This scholarship is only applicable for students who are pursuing a degree in schools, colleges or universities. The content should be original and well-written. You should be able to convince and impress the reader of your subject knowledge.

Creativity, value of the information provided and many such factors will be taken into consideration while assessing your content.

Terms & Conditions

  • Your write up must be at least 1,500 words long; it should not be more than 3000 words long
  • Your write up will be judged on the uniqueness of the idea, how creatively you have pitched it, the quality of the write up, and the grammar
  • We picked the judges who themselves are writers, experienced bloggers, and the experts in technology
  • The judges will make the final decision which will be uncontested
  • In the event of a tie, there will be equal distribution of the prize money between the winners
  • We will retain the copyright to your submission. However, the idea will still be yours and you can materialize it further

How to apply

Send us an e-mail at or fill up the following form.

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