6 Best Sonic Ice Machines and Nugget Ice Makers : A Complete Buying Guide

When was the last time you want to a Sonic drive-in restaurant? The odds are you might have noticed how appealing the ice nuggets in your drink or frozen good were. You can produce these nuggets in your home with a sonic ice machine.

This guide will help you identify many appealing sonic ice machines for your home use. These are options that will help you produce the same quality bits of ice that you would find at your local Sonic location. You can also find many options that fit in with your budget.

A Comparison of Best Sonic Ice Machines & Nugget Ice Makers

ModelIce Capacity in 24 Hours (pounds)Ice Size OptionsWater Tank Capacity (liters)Timeframe For Making Ice (minutes)
Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine2622.26-13
Della Portable Ice Maker2622.26-10
Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker241320
Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine1001Uses a direct connection to a water supply15-20
Sentern Electric Clear Ice Maker4812.215
Costway Ice Maker2621.56-13

Reviews of the Best Sonic Ice Machines

1. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine – Provides a Faster Approach

You will not have to wait all that long to get ice through the Euhomy ice machine. The stainless steel countertop model can produce about 26 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period. It can take about six minutes at the least to produce ice.

The control panel lets you adjust the quality of the ice. You can choose between a small or large ice size. There are also reminders letting you know when the water reservoir is full or if you need to add water. The water reservoir can handle 2.2 liters of ice at a time. You can also utilize an alert that lets you know to remove the ice cubes from the inside, so the unit can get started in making more ice cubes after you empty it.

An ice basket is also included on the side for your convenience. You can secure up to 1.54 pounds of ice at a time. An ice scoop is also included to help you remove the ice from the maker in moments without being bothered.


  • The quiet compressor produces less noise
  • There is a noticeable variation between the small and large cubes
  • The unit fills the basket automatically


  • The ice can take a bit to freeze when you first start it up
  • The body can take up a bit of space on your countertop

2. Della Portable Ice Maker – Keeps Things Running Quietly

Many of the best nugget ice makers are models that won’t generate lots of noise. The Della portable nugget Ice maker is one model that you will enjoy sporting anywhere you go. You can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in a day while using a fully insulated body that prevents vibrations and noises from coming out. The side vents are designed to absorb the vibrations and sounds as well, thus ensuring the unit will be gentle and won’t produce lots of annoying sounds.

The 2.2-liter water reservoir lets you make more than enough ice while spending a while before you have to switch anything out. The unit produces ice bits with a distinct bullet shape. You can choose between small and large ice cubes.

The top control feature lets you adjust the unit between large and small cubes. There are a few lights that let you know what you are doing and if you need to add or remove something. You can also use the alerts to identify how full the unit is and if you need to add water at any time.


  • Does not require much pressure when operating
  • The ice cubes produced to provide a smooth look
  • Operates fast


  • The cubes on the large option are too big
  • The ice scoop is small

3. Costway Ice Maker – Gets Going In Moments

The compact design of this Costway ice maker is one of the most popular features that you will find out of such a model. You can make small or large ice cubes in a few minutes. It can take less than ten minutes for you to get ice ready depending on how much you have and when you started up the machine.

A fan feature will dissipate heat and ensure that it will not negatively influence the ice as it is being produced. The fan will not produce lots of noise. You’re not going to bear with any annoying sounds when getting the model ready.

A small window appears on the top part of the ice maker. The window lets you know how well you are getting the ice produced in your maker. This lets you know that what you are getting out of your machine is working well enough.

A light indicator identifies how well your ice is being produced. The indicator will tell you when the bucket is full and when you need to add more water to the reservoir.


  • Does not require lots of time when starting up
  • Can handle 26 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period
  • The control panel on the top is easy to adjust


  • Could use a larger window on the top part
  • The fan may be too small for heavy-duty purposes

4. Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker – Available For Larger Needs

You might need to get a slightly larger nugget ice maker that can produce more ice at a time. This Opal model helps you to make more ice without taking up lots of space.

The convenient countertop layout on this model is 15.5 by 10.5 by 17.2 inches in size. The layout makes it easy for you to add it to your countertop in moments.

You can get 24 pounds of ice a day while using a bin that can handle up to three pounds on the ice at a time. This also works in about 20 minutes.

One of the more unique features of this ice maker is Bluetooth support. You can use a Bluetooth connection to link the ice maker to the FirstBuild app. With this, you can schedule when you’re going to get the ice maker ready. You can use this during parties for cases where you need to get enough ice on hand for the event.

The water that melts on the inside will also go back to the reservoir, where it will be made as more ice. This provides a better approach to your work.

You can add a separate water filter to the ice maker to keep the water clean as well. A side tank can also be applied to the body to help you secure more ice at a time.


  • Responds fast to your commands
  • Handles more ice at a time
  • Not much clearance necessary when you’re aiming to install it on your countertop


  • The water filter can only work for three months
  • Difficult to clean off


5. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine – Perfect For Business Use

Sometimes you need something a little larger for business purposes. This Euhomy commercial-grade ice machine is a good option to find. The machine uses a powerful motor that can produce about 100 pounds of ice in one day. The storage bin also provides 33 pounds of capacity at a time.

You won’t have to wait far too long for the ice machine to start working either. The machine operates in about 15 to 20 minutes for a single batch of ice.

You can use a supply pipe for getting the water ready. A drain pipe will help you route the excess water out from the rest of the space. An LCD panel is also included on the top part to help you configure how well the unit can produce ice. An auto-detection feature lets you know when there are operational issues. An alarm is also included for cases where the ice is full.

The sturdy stainless steel body on the ice machine produces a good look, but it is also a durable model that will last for years to come.


  • Can work alongside any water filtration system you use
  • Easy to clean out
  • The unit provides enough room for major tasks, including for large-scale commercial needs


  • Only one size and shape for the ice
  • Takes a bit to link up the water pipes
  • Needs a dedicated space on your floor for operation

6. Sentern Electric Clear Ice Maker – Features an Efficient Insulator

You can keep the ice-making process secure and comfortable with this Sentern ice maker. The Sentern model features a body that will insulate the inside.

The stainless steel body on the Sentern ice maker will separate the heat that enters the machine. Cold air will not flow out from the ice maker when you use it accordingly.

The see-through window on the top part lets you know how well the ice maker is working. You can figure out how well the ice is being produced without having problems over how well it is working to keep your ice comfortable. A digital control panel will also let you know how well your ice is being chilled and prepared.

The unit provides a heavy-duty body that will last for 48 pounds in a day. The best part is that the ice cubes you produce are crystal clear and provide a good body that will not dilute your drinks or melt far too quickly.


  • You can use it right out of the box
  • The 2.2-liter water tank lets you add more water at a time
  • The window on the top part is clear and easy to see through


  • Does not produce cubes in many sizes or shapes
  • The physical body is large

Smart Buying Guide for Sonic Nugget Ice Makers

What Is a Sonic Ice Machine or Nugget Ice Maker?

A sonic ice machine is a large machine that can produce nugget ice materials. These are chewable bits of ice that can be used in the production of snow cones and other iced treats.

The ice machine gets its name from the Sonic chain of drive-up fast-food restaurants. Sonic is known for producing nugget ice that fits well in drinks and can work well in the production of frozen items. The nugget ice produces a small body that is easily edible. A person could munch on the ice without risking harm, what with the ice being compact and minimal in size.

Sonic Ice Machine

What Can You Use a Sonic Ice Machine For?

You can use a sonic ice machine in your home for personal purposes. This includes producing ice for your own drinks, or ice that you might need to utilize when producing snow cones or other iced creations.

The ice machine could also work when you’re producing a display at a grocery market. You could use the ice nuggets to produce the crystal-like ice you might see at a produce or seafood display. The ice keeps the contents cold while producing a brilliant appearance.

Your ice machine can also help you with preserving foods. It is easier to preserve any foods you wish to display or serve when you have enough sonic ice all around. The added ice keeps things chilled long enough before anything could spoil.

How Is the Ice Produced?

A sonic ice machine produces its ice with a method different from what you’d expect out of a traditional body:

1. Water goes into a metal cylinder.

2. A refrigeration system inside the ice machine will chill the water. A refrigerant works inside the keep the machine operational.

3. The water will eventually freeze in sheets. The sheets will appear on the cylinder’s side.

4. An auger will move inside the cylinder to scrap off those sheets of water.

5. The auger will move the ice upward.

6. All the ice bits can go through a tube that will compact everything into one piece. The body remains loose enough to where the ice can break off in moments.

7. You can use a tip to expel the ice from the machine. The ice should be cut apart in semi-identical bits. Those pieces should be small enough for most uses.

The process does not produce any heat in the effort. As a result, you will never have to worry about using more energy than necessary when producing the ice.

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Sonic Ice Machines and Nugget Ice Makers

There are multiple considerations to see when looking for an effective sonic ice machine for your home:

√   Look at how long it will take for you to get ice produced at a time. It may take a few minutes for the ice maker to produce something.

√   Review the amount of ice that you can produce at a time. This includes both how much ice can be stored and how much you can produce in one day.

√   The compact design of a sonic ice machine is critical to note. You need a model that can fit on your countertop if possible.

√   The water reservoir inside your ice machine should have enough room for large amounts of ice.

√   See how much sound your ice maker can produce at a time. You might find that your ice maker produces more noise than necessary.

√   Be aware of any possible vibrations that might occur when the maker is in use.

√   Check on how well the water is handled after it melts. Many ice makers will move the melted water into the reservoir where it can be used again. This works best if you have something that features a filter that will keep your water clean.

√   Some ice makers feature filters, but you might have to use an outside filter in other cases to keep the water safe for use.

√   The setup effort will vary by model. Some units let you plug the machine into an outlet and add water to a reservoir. Other models require you to set up a direct connection to a water line for continuous use. The latter option would require you to add a separate drain line.

How to Effectively Use a Sonic Ice Maker

The efforts that you put into using your sonic ice maker should be noted well. There are a few steps to identify:

1. Add the water for your sonic ice maker into the appropriate reservoir. Avoid filling above the fill line.

2. Keep the filter system on your water supply under control. Any filters you use for your water should be functional to ensure that the water is consistent. This keeps any ice bits from being too hard or of the wrong size.

3. Allow for an extra bit of time for the ice maker to produce the ice. It can take a few minutes depending on your model.

4. Be aware of the liquid refrigerant used to produce the ice. The refrigerant should be strong enough to keep the water chilled, but also safe enough to use.


You will enjoy how well a sonic ice maker can work for your home use. You can get a sonic ice maker ready to produce distinct ice nuggets that are easy to chew and can produce a good texture for whatever you are serving. These nuggets can look appealing for display purposes too.

There are plenty of details that go into a sonic ice maker that you might not expect. You’ll have to figure out how well a great ice maker can work when you’re planning something of value. You will enjoy the quality of the ice that you are producing out of this.


The best option for a sonic ice maker or nugget ice maker is the Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine. The model features a quiet body that works in moments and will not take up lots of space when it is being used. You can get the unit ready for production in moments. The simple unit provides enough room for adding many items, but the best part is the ability of the product to handle more ice at a time.


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