Best Digital Notepad/Notebook with Pen : Keep Your Notes Secure

As great as it is to have a notepad or notebook with you for keeping notes and writing things down as you see fit, it may be even better for you to have a digital notepad or notebook on hand instead. A digital pad or book will provide you with the extra flexibility that you deserve when you’re trying to keep tabs on the stuff that you want to mark.

This guide will help you explore the many quality digital notepads or notebooks that you can use for your daily writing needs. These are books that are easy to use and provide you with a simplified approach for handling your content as desired.

A Closer Look At 7 Best Digital Notepad Reviews

Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook
  • Screen Size (in inches):"8.5"
  • Online Connectivity Features:Links to included phone app
  • Battery Power:No Battery
Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
  • Screen Size (in inches):"9.7"
  • Online Connectivity Features:Bluetooth and mobile app support
  • Battery Power:7 Days
Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook
  • Screen Size (in inches):"9.8"
  • Online Connectivity Features:Bluetooth and mobile app support
  • Battery Power:No Battery
Bee Times LCD Writing Pad
  • Screen Size (in inches):"10"
  • Online Connectivity Features:None
  • Battery Power:Works for about 100,000 pages
Royole Smart Writing Pad
  • Screen Size (in inches):"8"
  • Online Connectivity Features:Links to included phone app and Bluetooth connection
  • Battery Power:7 Days
SolidTek ACECAD PenPaper Pad
  • Screen Size (in inches):"8"
  • Online Connectivity Features:Bluetooth link
  • Battery Power:10 Days
Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet
  • Screen Size (in inches):"10"
  • Online Connectivity Features:Connects to a computer on a USB link
  • Battery Power:8 Days

1. Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook – Comes With Reusable Pages

Your first option to notice for a digital notebook works a little differently from others in that this model comes with reusable pages. The Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook features 32 reusable pages inside its body. Each page has a dot grid pattern that analyzes what you write on the surface.

This product, which was produced through support on Indiegogo, works with any pen or highlighter you wish to use. You can apply the ink from a pen or other item onto a page and wait fifteen seconds for the ink to settle on the page. After that, you can use an included app on your phone to take shots of your notebook and save them to your phone. You will get a clear image of your notes every time you use the product.

You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the content on the pages. This ensures you can quickly use the paper many times over.

Each page also has a QR code on the corner. The Rocketbook app will use the QR code to identify what segment of the book needs to be scanned so data can be saved. You can use this to secure the content you write in moments. The dark corners on the book also ensure that the app can distinguish the pages, thus producing the best possible scans.


  • Works in any condition, including where you’d have to power other items down
  • Works with many cloud-based content sharing systems
  • Compact and portable


  • Takes a bit for the ink to settle in
  • Requires regular checks

2. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet – Electronic Notepad With Pen

Boogie Board has been making various rewritable tablet materials for years. The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is the latest innovation from the company. The 9.7-inch board uses an LCD screen with a dedicated stylus pen. The pen is housed in a compartment on the side. The pen lets you take notes in moments.

The mobile app for iOS and Android users will help you link the tablet up to a wireless connection. You can use this to save content through a Bluetooth link, thus keeping you from needing any wires. You can also integrate the mobile app with Evernote and email systems among others. More importantly, the mobile app allows you to save the content you write down on the tablet. You don’t have to get direct access to the phone either, as the Bluetooth connection ensures your data is secured automatically when configured.

The four-hour battery on the tablet is charged through a USB connection. The battery can last for about a week based on average use.


  • Works with up to three devices at a time
  • The included pen has a comfortable grip
  • Offers support for sharing your notes as a PDF


  • Takes a bit to set up a Bluetooth link
  • Does not work if you are too far from the targeted phone

3. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook – Works With Paper and Pen

The design of the Wacom Bamboo Slate notebook is a little different from what you might expect elsewhere. With this, you will use a clean sheet of paper aligned on the tablet. You will write on the pad as necessary. After that, you will press a button on the Wacom Inkspace app that comes with the notebook. You will scan the data on the pad and the paper to produce the image you want to save.

The app can help you convert your content into one of many files, including a JPG, PDF, or PNG format among others. You will need a Bluetooth-enabled phone to help you out.

You can add a notepad that is about 80 pages or 8mm thick. You can also convert the handwriting you produce into rich text, which helps for when you’re trying to make your content a little more visible.

The notebook also comes with a dedicated stylus pen. The pen lets you mark things down in moments.


  • Works with an assortment of Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • The stylus pen offers a good design
  • Does not use any battery power


  • Still requires you to use paper
  • This may not work with all types of paper pads
  • The rich text conversion feature may not read everything you want it to find

4. Bee Times LCD Writing Pad – A Basic Choice

The Bee Times LCD Writing Pad is made as a basic digital notepad. This does not link up to a computer or other device, nor does it use a battery. But this will do well if you need something for general writing needs that you might enjoy.

The design on the writing pad gives you the power to write up to 100,000 pages on the same tablet over its lifetime. This provides you with the ability to handle data quite well.

The one-click delete feature allows you to erase everything with the push of a button. The design provides a fast approach to handling your content and ensures you don’t have to use extra battery to make this work. The product can be useful even if you’re traveling around and you don’t have access to something that could be used for basic writing needs.


  • The stylus pen provides a simple grip
  • The tablet responds well to the pressure you add to it


  • Unable to connect online
  • The battery will eventually die out and cannot be replaced
  • Only works with a green color

5. Royole Smart Writing Pad – Keep Your Notes Secure

The design of the Royole Digital Writing Pad ensures you can keep your notes the right way without losing details. The pad uses an app that loads to your phone to record your data. The Bluetooth connection will help you produce a link between the Royole pad and the phone. This will help you to record what you write on the pad in one of many forms, including in a PDF, JPG, or TXT file among other choices.

The Convert to Text feature lets you convert what you write as you write from left to right. The program recognizes multiple languages.

You can use one of four virtual writing tools on the pad. These include tools that vary by thickness and writing effect. You can use these writing tools to produce a clear layout that is easy to read.

The ballpoint pen requires D1 refillable ink for use. Fortunately, the pen works quite well for producing a write-out at up to 2,048 pressure levels.

There are also 81 preset color options for you to check out here. You can use the setting on the screen to change the quality of the color and how much of a shade you’ll work with.


  • The ballpoint pen is easy to refill
  • The unit captures data quickly and accurately
  • Easy to switch the settings on the design


  • The text conversion isn’t always accurate
  • The battery takes a bit to charge up

6. SolidTek ACECAD PenPaper Pad – Record Your Data Fast

The design of the ACECAD pad from SolidTek works with paper and pen alike. You will add a 5×8-inch paper notepad with up to 50 sheets of paper to the pad. You will then use this with a pen that comes with the pad. The unit will record what you are writing through a magnetic setup. The design then moves to a mobile device through a Bluetooth connection. You will use this to produce a PDF or JPG file.

The rechargeable battery can work for up to eight hours with continuous use, although this would be closer to a little over a week when regular use is considered. You can store your notes and memos through the program in moments to produce a simple arrangement.

You can use this with iOS and Android functions in mind. The SolidTek pad will directly move things to the iOS platform or to the Ink Tools program from Microsoft Office on an Android device.


  • Offers a fast connection and response
  • Shuts down about 30 minutes of no use, thus preserving battery power
  • You can edit your content further through the included mobile app


  • The paper is not always easy to handle
  • You might have to add extra pressure on the pad for it to read

7. Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet – Made With Technical Needs In Mind

You also have the option to work with a more professional type of drawing tablet like what Huion has to offer here. This 1060 Plus drawing tablet works with a design that focuses on artistry or other professional needs.

The Huion tablet uses a stylus pen that features 8,192 pressure points. This means you can get the ink to go on the screen as deep or light as you wish.

You can connect the tablet to most computers for your production needs. You can also link this up to a mobile device for on the go use.

Twelve shortcut keys are also included on the side. These keys help you to configure different features and to produce the best possible connections. You can also save the content in your tablet through a built-in memory card.


  • Made for highly technical use
  • The response produced by the tablet works fast
  • Easy to load up


  • Designed mainly for artistry and not so much for text
  • Tough to link on some mobile devices

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the Best Digital Notepad for Your Needs

To find a quality digital notebook, you have to look at what you’re going to get out of the unit. This is to help you make the proper decision when getting the right notepad or notebook that you wish to use.

How Does This Work?

A digital notepad or notebook uses a basic mechanism for operation. With this, you will write things down on a space included in the book or pad. A pen is included to help you with writing the content down. You can do this for when you need to draw things or you simply want to take down notes.

You can then save the data on your digital notebook by securing it within the notebook or linking it to a computer or smartphone. The functionality of the notebook will vary based on the model you use and how you can manage your content within the book.

What About Actual Paper?

In most cases, you don’t need to use paper with your digital notepad. But there are also cases where you would have to apply a physical notepad on your tablet. This would be for when you’re going to load to content on a mobile app on a web browser.

Key Features to Consider Before Buying a Notepad

1. Screen Size

You will need to start by looking at how well the screen size on your notepad is laid out. The notepad screen is measured in inches from one diagonal point to the opposite end. The measurement should refer to the size of the space that you can write things down on.

2. Screen Format

An LCD screen is utilized on most digital pads and books. The LCD format works well for being easy to view from many directions and for being capable of reacting to the pressure produced by the pen included with your pad.

3. Pen Material

The pen on your notepad should be noticed well based on how well you can use it. The pen that comes with your pad should be similar to a traditional pen, although the layout of the pen may include some buttons to control how well the unit writes things.

4. Pages

The pages on a digital notebook are the individual sections that you can write information on. You can save the data on one page and then clear it from the screen to produce a second page. The first page can be revisited later if you have access to it through a computer or another feature directly on your notepad. You can use this like what you would get out of any physical notepad but without the mess of having too many pages at a time.

5. Computer or Phone Support

Notepad should be capable of linking up to a larger computer if you wish to save the information on your notepad to that computer. You would likely have to use a wire material to link the pad to the computer.

In other cases, you might use a smartphone with an included app that will capture the data on the pad you are writing on. The smartphone would require a clear analysis of what you are writing to ensure the content can be produced and duplicated well enough. Some apps let you send your data out to others or could even save your content as a PDF, thus allowing you to share the work you put in with anyone.

6. Wireless Connectivity

Some notepad models may come with features where you can send your notes to other things without having to physically connect the notepad to anything. The wireless connectivity options you can use include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth links.

Also, the wireless support may focus on getting your data out to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneNote, and Slack among other things.

7. Book Size

In addition to the size of your book screen, you also have to look at the size of the book itself. Many books are available with sizes less than a pound in weight, thus making it easy for you to carry the book around and use it to your liking anywhere.

8. Battery

The battery power on your notepad should be analyzed based on how well the battery works and how long it can run based on regular use. You may use notepad for a few days of regular use on a full charge. Meanwhile, you’ll need to look at how well you can charge the battery. A USB connection works for most pads and books when charging them up, although the functionality that comes with the charging mechanism will vary based on the model you choose to work with.

Some models do not use rechargeable batteries. Those models instead use a simple erase button that deletes the content you have saved. This is a convenient point for us, but this may also be tough to use at times. You’d have to watch for how often you use the button, as the data could be lost if you delete things too often.

A Final Note

The digital notepads and notebooks are all models that come with several striking features that you should notice. But of all the notepads and notebooks that have been analyzed here, the best option that you can use is the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet.

The Boogie Board tablet offers a better grip and adds a fine screen that is easy to use. The process of moving data from the tablet to a device is easy to follow, often working without having to use any wires in the process. The simple approach used in the production of the tablet also ensures the product will keep working for a while on the same battery. This is a useful tablet option worth trying out when you need help with keeping your notes intact.

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